Hatha Yoga is a gentle yet effective style of movement that encourages self-inquiry and internal alignment. Through a series of postures, we gradually begin to still the mind so the body may reveal its innate wisdom. Each practice incorporates breath, movement and meditation and invites the student into deeper awareness.

Private Instruction

One-on-one classes allow for an individually tailored practice that is suited to your specific needs and fitness level. Careful attention is placed on developing correct technique and refining the details of your practice.

Classes are available in 1h or 90 minute formats. Mats, blocks and straps are provided at the studio, along with shower facilities. 

To inquire about private instruction, please submit the questionnaire below


The body is the shore on the ocean of being
— Sufi (anonymous)

Benefits of yoga

Reduced stress

Improved focus

Improved posture

Improved flexibility

Increased muscle tone and strength

Prevention of joint deterioration

Spinal health and mobility

Cardiovascular health

Helps manage depression and anxiety

Hormonal regulation

Encourages positivity and mindfulness