Cole's Story

"Working with Monica has brought so much healing to my life. Her open, encouraging, and non-judgmental approach created space to acknowledge and feel my feelings in my body. With her help, I was able to explore and release many physical and emotional blockages. After one session with Monica, the scar tissue I'd been living with for almost a decade started to dissipate, and after several sessions I could see why nothing else had yet worked - where other therapists had flinched at my body or projected their own anxieties onto me, Monica combined physical and emotional support for me to find my path to the healing I needed. I would highly recommend working with Monica to anyone who is looking to be supported in their embodied journey or with specific issues to address. I would especially recommend Monica to anyone living with chronic pain or illness, and to people of all genders and sexual orientations. I can't thank Monica enough for sharing her healing gifts with myself and others."

- Cole M. 


Dawn's Story

"I went to Monica for help healing a few issues around my sexuality. I've struggled with severe body image issues, addictive behaviours, detachment during my sexual encounters and difficulties feeling worthy of receiving . Monica's presence is incredibly soothing and accepting, her energy is calm and comforting. She held beautiful space for me and allowed me to direct our session based on my comfort level. I received a yoni massage during which I was able to release old trauma, accept loving touch and ask for what I need. The session allowed me to feel safe and be in my body, to feel worthy of loving touch and be present. Monica's services are incredibly valuable to anyone in need of healing and acceptance and who is looking to deepen their connection with self, spirit or others." 

- Dawn M.


Geoff's Story

"I felt very comfortable with Monica from the moment I met her.  Before, during and after the session Monica was very professional, she communicated clearly, openly and warmly. Within the session there were moments when waves of emotion arose in me and she compassionately welcomed my outflow of words, wonder and tears. I felt safe in her presence and precious beneath her touch.

It was absolutely amazing on every level. Monica is a gifted healer. Looking back on the overall experience, I felt very present and connected to everything that was happening in my body.  It was one of the few times where I felt myself able to relax, stop my mind from going at break-neck speed and focus only on my body sensations."

- Geoff G.


Mario and Paulette's Story

"Like many of Monica's clients I sought her help for a problem related to sex. ‎My problem was not related to pain or my past. My concern was with the present and the future. Time has been good to me but at 68 years of age I had lost confidence in my ability to enjoy an active sex life with my life partner Paulette.             

I am a professional so I was looking for someone to help me who had standards and would deal with problems in a professional manner. I was able to find somebody very professional being Monica .We all write a resume in a manner to make us look good. But if you look at closely at her CVR it is clear that she has trained in becoming expert in a controversial subject being sex coaching.

I could give a long list of the skills she uses to help her clients. For myself it was her ability to immediately understand my problem, to offer solutions and then to get me to focus on the solutions. My family and religious background limited my self expression. Her coaching enabled me to overcome my limitations and fears.

It was not a physical journey but emotional. I had to conquer my anxiety over sexual performance‎. She taught me to slow down my thinking and to connect in the present with my sensations.    Moving forward I know I can continue and explore my sexual experiences with my life partner. 

She uses a combination of counselling and bodywork to work with her clients. She has helped not one person but two persons being my life partner and myself. Thank You Monica you have brought light and energy back into our life. I would recommend her without any reservations."

- Mario