Monica is a gifted healer. Within the session there were moments when waves of emotion arose in me and she compassionately welcomed my outflow of words, wonder and tears. I felt safe in her presence and precious beneath her touch.
— Geoff G.

Monica’s presence is incredibly soothing and accepting, her energy is calm and comforting. She held beautiful space for me and allowed me to direct our session based on my comfort level.
— Dawn M.

Working with Monica has brought so much healing to my life. Her open, encouraging, and non-judgmental approach created space to acknowledge and feel my feelings in my body.
— Cole M.

It was not a physical journey but emotional. I had to conquer my anxiety over sexual performance‎. Monica taught me to slow down my thinking and to connect in the present with my sensations. Moving forward I know I can continue and explore my sexual experiences with my life partner.
— Mario C.