What is Somatic Sex Education?

Somatic Sex Education invites us to build connection with body awareness, sensuality and eros. Through body-based practice, clients are guided through an experiential journey into deepened relationship with themselves and with the world around them. 

Sessions may include the use of breath, visualization, movement, sound and conscious touch. 

Clients may use these tools to help heal old wounds, access or reclaim their desire, and expand on their erotic capacity. 


The Nervous System

The nervous system runs throughout the entire body and regulates nearly every function in the body, including sexual arousal.  

When we encounter challenges to our pleasure and arousal, it is often a form of patterning that is grooved into the nervous system. Whether it be from trauma, anxiety, shame or years of unpleasant experience, the body remembers and responds accordingly. We may be habituated to shutting down, dissociating, panicking, or acting out compulsively in situations that don't truly serve us. 

In order to tap into our authentic power, we must work with the nervous system to cultivate presence, relaxed engagement, and flexibility. Within the safety of the session container, clients can explore embodied exercises to help expand their window of tolerance and open themselves to a fuller sexual experience. 


Unwinding Trauma

Sexual trauma impacts an increasingly large percentage of the population. Survivors of trauma often have increased difficulty in perceiving boundaries, navigating desire, and accessing pleasure. 

Somatic Sex Education is a trauma-informed modality that moves at the pace of the client. Embodied and verbal consent are emphasized throughout all sessions, and clients are empowered to use their voice and body in articulating their needs. 

The practice of reclaiming power, while gently opening the body in a safe and contained setting provides clients with an opportunity to move beyond trauma into empowered pleasure. 


Learning New Skills

Oftentimes the sex education we receive is fear based, and focused on prevention and basic reproductive function. We are rarely taught the skills we need to cultivate pleasure, listen to our bodies yes's and no's, and have healthy, empowered interactions. 

Somatic Sex Education brings focus to pleasure, wholeness, and the innate wisdom of the body. Clients have the opportunity to re-learn their pleasure anatomy and discover the many ways in which we can tap into bliss. Clients can also learn about the pleasure anatomy of their partners, while simultaneously cultivating the skills of presence, sensitivity and attentiveness in order to build connection and become better lovers. 


Who Benefits?

Common reasons people may choose to see a Somatic Sex Educator include the following:

  • orgasm coaching / difficulty achieving orgasm
  • erectile dysfunction /premature ejaculation
  • sexual shame and anxiety
  • healing sexual trauma
  • learning new self-pleasure skills
  • exploring sacred sexuality
  • porn addiction
  • learning about boundaries + embodied consent 
  • practicing mindful receiving 
  • vaginismus / pelvic pain
  • healing scar tissue (from birth, circumcision, gender reassignment surgery)

Session Structure

We meet weekly, usually for the approximate span of 2 - 12 weeks, depending on each client's unique intentions. 

Basic sessions are an hour in length, during which time we may talk, explore shorter embodiment exercises, and discuss our findings. 

For longer sessions involving full body massage / genital massage, 90 minutes - 2h is recommended. 

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