Katie's Story

What was your relationship to your body and sexuality before beginning our this work?

When I met with Monica for the first time I had just left a three year relationship and was feeling disconnected from my body, my sexuality and my overall self. I had been working with a therapist but it wasn’t until my first session with Monica that I came to see how abusive and unhealthy that relationship actually was, and how much it had impacted my physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual well being. Monica has a special and gentle way of bringing out deep issues and thoughts that you may have not wanted to realize on your own. She was and is extremely supportive and comforting when these realizations come to light. 


What prompted you to cultivate your relationship with your body/sexuality?

I truly thought I just didn’t like sex anymore. I figured I had experienced enough of it and experimented enough and that I was finished. May I add that I just turned 29 and while writing this now I can see how ridiculous I was! I knew deep down that I was in denial and needed some professional help to figure this feeling out. 


What were some key “aha!” moments/experiences that you experienced in session that really shifted your perspective? 

I feel like I have an “aha” moment every time I am in a session! The biggest one for me was doing mirror work; really looking at my vagina and talking to her and promising/apologizing and establishing a connection that I had never made. 

Another intensely awesome moment was when Monica recognized the trauma I was holding in my pelvic floor and released it through body work/massage. Since then I have been able to enjoy consistently pain-free sex! 


How has this work changed your relationship with your body, pleasure and confidence?

Working with Monica has truly changed my life. I am so much more in tune with my needs, wants and dislikes and able to express them to partners without guilt or shame. I had always been shy/ashamed of my body but now prefer to be naked while alone or with lovers/close friends. I have not only found sex to be so much more pleasurable but daily activities as well. My confidence has doubled in all aspects of my life and this is the first time I have ever felt whole. 


What advice would you give to other women facing some of the same challenges you’ve faced?

The best advice I can give to other women feeling how I used to feel is to know that everyone is capable of loving themselves entirely, even when you feel like you never could. Nothing feels better than being in control of your own decisions and being confident in asking for what you need to live your best life. I doubted for years that I would ever feel this good and being here now I can confidently say that Monica’s guidance, wisdom and support was completely essential. She is pure magic and love and I am thankful everyday that she is a part of my life.