Imagine a world where sex education teaches you to honour your body and cultivate pleasure, rather than being steeped in fear and shame.

Imagine a society where consent is taught from a young age, and we are all equipped to have conversations around our needs and boundaries.

Imagine you have permission to celebrate your sexuality, and allow that passionate, creative energy to permeate your life. 

The purpose of life is not to transcend the body, but to embody the transcendent
— HH Dalai Lama

What is Integrative Sexuality Coaching?



Reshape your sexual experience through direct, body-based practices that incorporate breath, movement, focused awareness and conscious touch.


Drawing on teachings from the ancient Taoist and Tantric traditions, as well incorporating knowledge of energy medicine, my practice aims to integrate mind, body, heart and spirit.


While risk prevention is an important part of sex education, we are rarely taught as young adults to cultivate pleasure and ask for what we need. Integrative Sexuality Coaching creates a framework in which we can explore and expand our pleasure capacity while learning effective communication skills.


An astonishingly high percentage of the population has experienced some form of sexual abuse in their lives. These experiences leave us wounded, shut down, and disconnected from our bodies. My aim is to create a safe space in which you can learn to inhabit your body again, and restore your confidence and capacity for sexual fulfillment. 


Sexuality can be a fluid and multifaceted experience. I celebrate diversity in sexual expression, and can hold space and provide resources for navigating new territories. 





My passion is helping others explore the intersection between body, mind and spirit. 

My multi-disciplinary background and path of personal experience sets the foundation for what I do.

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 Begin your journey toward a more integrated sexual experience. 

Find out how my one-on-one or couples coaching can help you achieve your highest erotic potential.

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Skype Sessions

Skype sessions are available to clients worldwide who are interested in cultivating their sexual wellness but unable to access a practitioner locally. 

Find out more about how Skype sessions can expand your possibilities. 

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“Working with Monica has brought so much healing to my life. Her open, encouraging, and non-judgmental approach created space to acknowledge and feel my feelings in my body.”
— Cole M.
“Monica’s presence is incredibly soothing and accepting, her energy is calm and comforting. She held beautiful space for me and allowed me to direct our session based on my comfort level.”
— Dawn M.
“Monica is a gifted healer. Within the session there were moments when waves of emotion arose in me and she compassionately welcomed my outflow of words, wonder and tears. I felt safe in her presence and precious beneath her touch.”
— Geoff G.