How is this different from Sex Therapy / psychotherapy?

My coaching service is different from therapy in many ways, the most important being: I am legally allowed to touch you, while your therapist isn't. The main reason people work with me is because they find it valuable to be able to work through their blockages on a direct, experiential level.

Working with a licensed therapist is also immensely beneficial, and often an important foundation to the bodywork I provide. When I feel that a client's challenges are beyond my scope, I have a network of therapists whom I refer to. Sometimes I will wait until a client has completed significant progress in psychotherapy before commencing bodywork. Working with both modalities often provides the best result for clients.

If you already have a therapist, you have the option of signing a release form to allow us to communicate and work together towards helping you achieve your goals. 

Do you have sex with your clients?

No. As a member of the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers, I adhere to a code of ethics that prioritizes client safety. Given the intimate nature of this work, strict professional boundaries are maintained at all times. This means that all touch is one way only, practitioners remain fully clothed, and any form of touch is always guided by the client. 

What does bodywork involve?

Once we have worked together for a few sessions establishing foundational skills, clients have the option to receive bodywork. Clients may disrobe during session, depending on the specific exercise we are working with. They may be coached in the exploration of their own bodies, or may ask to receive touch from the practitioner. This usually takes place on a massage table. The practitioner always remains fully clothed, and does not engage in any interactive touch with clients (ie. one-way touch only). Appropriate hygiene protocols are used for all genital touch, including non-latex gloves for the safety of both client and practitioner. Clients are encouraged to communicate their needs throughout any bodywork exercises, and are always empowered with choice in all activities.  

How many sessions do I need and how often?

I see most of my clients weekly or bi-weekly. The length of our work together may vary depending on your personal situation, but my goal is to give you tangible results in under 10 sessions so that you leave feeling independent, empowered and confident. 

I want to be a better lover. Can you help me with that?

Absolutely! If you are undertaking this journey on your own, I can help you navigate the anatomy of the sex(es) you are attracted to. Using books, illustrations, and anatomically correct silicone models, we will cover the many mysteries of sexual arousal, and learn techniques for conscious sensual touch. 

If you are partnered and undertaking this journey with your partner, I am happy to see both of you together and create a customized set of sessions to help you improve your quality of touch, connection and skill.