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Awakening Pleasure: Orgasm Coaching for Women

Join a group of courageous women in this 5-week program for deepening your connection with your body and awakening orgasmic potential. 

Who Is This Program For?

  • women who have not yet experienced orgasm
  • women who only sporadically experience orgasm
  • women wishing to cultivate a deeper understanding of their sexuality, shed shame and embrace self-love

What Will We Cover?

WEEK 1 - Know Thyself

  • reasons you may struggle with orgasm and how to work around them
  • different models of orgasm
  • an in-depth look at female arousal
  • getting familiar with your arousal response
  • pleasure mapping
  • tracking your body rhythms

WEEK 2 - Radical Body Acceptance

  • facing shame head-on
  • giving ourselves permission for pleasure
  • cultivating self-love
  • cultivating pleasure in daily life
  • body positivity and self care

WEEK 3 - Embodied Pleasure and Communication

  • cultivating body awareness
  • using breath, sound and movement to amplify sexual pleasure
  • awakening spontaneity and playfulness
  • how to follow your pleasure
  • embodied consent and how to communicate it
  • how to show your partner what you like

WEEK 4 - The Temple of the Goddess

  • inviting the whole body into sexual pleasure
  • Taoist breast massage
  • chakra connections and sexual energy
  • exploring different orgasms in the female erectile network
  • choosing the best tools and toys
  • pelvic floor practices

WEEK 5 - Creating Self-Healing Ritual

  • creating sacred space
  • deep relaxation and nervous system integration
  • setting an intention
  • self-healing yoni massage
  • tools to move forward

Our small group classes will meet weekly for 1.5 h for 5 weeks. Space is limited to 4 participants per class. 

Classes are built around principles of safety and confidentiality, with opportunity for personal sharing from each participant. All exercises will be clothing-on, with anatomically correct silicone models used for demonstrations. 


The next class will run

Tuesdays Aug 8th - Sept 5th, 2017

 6:00 - 7:30pm


Contact Monica at to register!