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Embodied Consent: How to Give and Receive with Integrity

What is consent and how do we know when consent has been given?

Have you ever been touched in a way that made you feel kind of....icky? 

Have you ever given or allowed touch without being clear on your intentions?

This workshop will explore the subtle dynamics that take place when we give and receive touch, drawing on the teachings in Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent

We'll also explore some powerful exercises for developing sensory capability and intuition in our hands, and how that translates when we touch others. 

Participants will learn:

  • how to determine who is giving and receiving (Hint: it's not as straight forward as you think!)
  • how to get clear on personal boundaries
  • how to discern your own intentions and approach someone with integrity
  • how to provide touch that helps recipients feel safe, valued and respected

Participants will also have the opportunity to explore partnered exercises if they choose. 

* Any touch will only involve the hand and forearm. All exercises will be clothing-on, and fully optional.

Investment: $30

Space is limited so register early!

To register, email