What is Chi Kung?

Chi Kung is an ancient form of energy medicine based on Taoist teaching and the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Its purpose is to balance chi (life force energy) throughout the entire body and bring about physical, mental and emotional ease. The practice incorporates specific techniques of breathing, movement, visualization, skin stimulation and pressure points that can be performed alone or facilitated by a practitioner.  

How does Chi Kung Massage work?

Recipients lie on a massage table and enter a deeply relaxed state. The practitioner massages the entire body, starting at the periphery and moving in toward the centre. Various techniques are employed such as rubbing, kneading, tapping, and stimulation of pressure points. The specific sequence of movements is designed to facilitate movement along energy meridians and balance chi flow throughout the body. 


Full Body Massage

Taoist philosophy views sexuality and sexual energy as a critical part of overall health. Sexual energy, or jing, is known as the foundational energy of human health, which can be transmuted into higher the forms of energy, chi and shen, through practices such as Chi Kung. 

Taoist practice has many exercises for the cultivation and transmutation of sexual energy. As with reflexology, the genitals are known to map out several other points on the body. Through massage and stimulation of these points, balance of energy is created in all the systems. Chi Kung massage addresses the genitals, as well as other neglected areas in traditional massage, such as the breasts/chest and buttocks. 

Genital massage can often be a pleasurable and/or cathartic experience. Chi Kung massage provides a unique opportunity for clients to simply drop into a receptive role, and allow sensation and emotion to arise without judgment. There is no goal to either reach climax or withhold from climax, so however the massage unfolds is perfectly fine. If intense emotion arises and there is a need to release tears or laughter, this is also welcome. 

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What are the benefits

Benefits may include the alleviation of physical pain and tightness, as well as deeper energetic healing. Because Chi Kung Massage works on both the physical body and subtle body, it facilitates balance in all the systems for greater overall health and vitality. The incorporation of the sexual organs can help balance stagnant sexual energy and benefit concerns such as low/excessive libido or concerns around orgasm. 

What can I expect During my Treatment?

Most people enter into a deep state of relaxation, where subtle energy currents may be felt. This can be experienced as kinaesthetic sensations such as buzzing, tingling, heat, cold, or people may experience colours, emotions and other forms of energy release. The practitioner provides a safe environment in which these experiences can be processed. Sexual arousal may also be experienced, especially during the genital massage. There is no expectation for arousal/orgasm to occur or not occur, therefore either outcome is welcome. 



1.5h - $200

2h - $260

3 x 1.5h - $525

3 x 2h - $625