Chi Kung Massage 

About Chi Kung Massage

Chi Kung Massage is a 90 minute psychosomatic experience, allowing for full mind/body release;
emotions, vocal sounds, and tension release are all welcomed in this setting. It is a one-way touch modality,
where the practitioner (who remains fully clothed for the entire session) guides your body to drop into a
state of deep relaxation and allows you to tap into your innate healing potential. When emotions, tension
and stress get released, the body naturally creates the proper conditions for deep healing to occur.
Even though the practitioner is leading towards a certain level of intensity and pressure, you are encouraged
to communicate your needs for more or less pressure. In addition, since this modality works with a deep
level of pressure, you are by no means expected to “endure” pain or “take it”. As soon as you experience
discomfort, make sure you express it and allow your practitioner to adjust accordingly.
Based on your boundaries and comfort, this modality may be inclusive of the entire body; face, skull, breast
plate and buttocks, and may include the “cradle of life” (the genitals). You are always welcomed and
encouraged to decide what your body boundaries are and work with the practitioner to create a session that
is tailored to your level of safety and personal needs. When working on the genital area or when in need,
the practitioner will wear latex-free medical gloves for the safety of both parties.
As part of this protocol, being a modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as soon as the massage portion at
your feet is complete, the practitioner will leave the room briefly to wash their hands. This is a traditional
part of the work and is used as a way to release any excess energy stored in the practitioner while working
in this way.

Post-Massage Aftercare

Chi Kung Massage can result in a huge emotional opening, and lead to release of stored trauma, emotions
and deep muscle tension that might have accumulated in your body over the years. In many cases, the
session can lead to an altered state of mind, which will require some extra after care and caution when
driving. The time frame may last up to 48 hours after the session has taken place. For that reason, caution if
recommended around consuming alcohol or other mind-altering substances in that time frame.

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