As a part of Somatic Sex Education, clients have the unique opportunity to receive full body, one-way touch. This helps them focus on their unique personal experience without the need to navigate the complexities of partnered interaction. Somatic Sex Educators/Sexological Bodyworkers are trained in full body touch, including genital and anal touch. Gloves are worn for all genital touch. 


Pleasure Mapping

The entire body is one big erotic organ. Too often sexuality becomes focused on the genitals while the rest of our body remains ignored. Perhaps our partners have never taken the time to fully explore our bodies. Perhaps we haven't taken that time ourselves. When we don't know how to awaken our entire body, sex can become one-dimensional. When we don't know what to ask for, we may endure rather than enjoy.

Pleasure mapping is an opportunity to discover the entire body and explore all shades and textures of sensual experience. Does the body respond to a featherlight tease or a firm and grounded touch? Does it open up to steadiness or delight in surprise? Which parts of our body hold delicious pleasure and which parts hold complicated histories, difficult emotions or numbness?

In a container of safety, clients are invited to explore the stories held in their bodies, attune to their pleasures, be present with their fears, and begin making a practice of full body awareness. 

Embodied Consent

Have you ever done something because you thought you should, then regretted it later? Do you find yourself unsure of what you want at times, but getting swept away by someone else's expectations? Do you know what yes, no and maybe feel like in your body? 

Embodied consent practice is the foundation of making conscious decisions over our sexuality. Without the ability to tune into what our bodies feel, it becomes difficult to make choices that are aligned with our inner truth.

Sessions give clients the opportunity to slow down the pace of the interaction, practice checking in with their bodies, and practice voicing their most authentic truth. Clients are empowered to choose what feels right and say no where it doesn't. 


Genital Anatomy Exploration

Textbooks don't tell us much about pleasure mechanics and the intricacies of arousal. They also can't teach us anything about our individual pleasure preferences, or unique erotic blueprints. 

Using a mirror and either guided self-touch or assisted touch, we work toward establishing confidence in your own self knowledge. While learning about detailed anatomical function, clients also learn about connections with the energy body, chakras and nadis. This knowledge is combined to create a fuller understanding of how we function as bioenergetic beings, and how sexual energy moves within us.  

*Alternately: If you are curious to learn more about a different set of genitals than your own, silicone models and diagrams can be used to create an informative and hands-on learning experience. 


Pelvic Floor Release

Trauma don't just exist in the mind; the memory of our difficult experiences is stored throughout our bodies. Tension can be especially prevalent in our genital tissue, where we may hold the memory of past abuse, unwanted touch, or repeated unpleasant experiences. 

Working to release this tension while holding safe space for associated emotions to be expressed is vitally important before we can begin to invite pleasure into the body. 

Somatic Sex Educators are uniquely trained in genital touch to facilitate muscle release while providing the support to process associated emotions.  


Sacred Yoni/Lingam Massage

Receiving conscious and caring genital touch without expectation can be a profoundly healing experience for many. It is rare for most people to be able to drop into a state of deep relaxation and focus solely on receiving, without anxieties around "performance" or giving back. 

Receiving genital massage can be an act of reclamation, taking ownership of our desire and learning to honour ourselves through prioritizing pleasure. 

The brain chemicals released during an erotic massage promote connection, relaxation and can invite us into blissful altered states. The erotic holds potential to be a doorway to the spiritual, when practiced with presence, intention and integrity. 


Mindful Masturbation Coaching

Very few of us grew up in environments where self-pleasure was seen as good, natural and healthy. Instead, many of us were scolded and retreated into shame and secrecy. Many people began their practice with the priorities of being quick and quiet, and perhaps with the use of aids that later became crutches. 

Oftentimes our habits persist and we tend to default to what is familiar, even when we have more choices. Mindful masturbation invites us to enter into our pleasure with consciousness and intention. We are encouraged to remain aware of our breath and body, to incorporate sound and movement, and to explore new terrain to expand on our pleasure capacity. By consciously focusing on pleasure repeatedly, we train our bodies to be more receptive over time to the multitude of experiences that are possible.


Scar Tissue Remediation

Scar tissue can create a painful barrier to sensation and enjoyment. Various procedures such as circumcision, episiotomy, or gender reassignment surgery impact the pleasure capacity of our genital tissue. 

Somatic Sex Educators are trained in scar tissue remediation to aid in the healing process and facilitate the journey toward accessing pleasure. 



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