As an Integrative Sexuality Coach, my goal is to bring a multifaceted approach to helping you overcome your sexual challenges. I completed my training in Somatic Sex Education through the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. This body-based modality is complimented by my background in Hatha yoga, qigong (chi kung), meditation, and Reiki. In addition, I've pursued continuing education in Trauma Sensitive Yoga and have volunteer experience through the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre as a crisis counsellor and yoga teacher for assault survivors. 

My venture down the path of sexuality studies was catalyzed by an eye opening conversation with a career coach. After years of preparing myself for a career in naturopathic medicine, I realized that my fascination with sexuality, spirituality, and embodiment practices were the focal point of my passion. The study of Tantra, sacred sexuality, and energy medicine prepared a solid foundation for my current practice. Throughout my life, I've maintained an open minded curiosity for the various ways in which people connect and express themselves, and the way our bodies respond in these interactions.

I offer a playful, non-judgmental approach in my sessions and create a safe space where clients can discuss their deepest sexual fears. As one of my favourite authors, Brene Brown says "Shame cannot survive being spoken, and being met with empathy". Through empathy, education and empowerment, my goal is to help clients reconnect with their bodies and cultivate joyful connection with themselves and the world around us.


My Mission





Dialogue with the body

A new way to experience life


The sacred nature of the body

Sexuality as sacred experience 


Radical self-acceptance


Connection with self

Connection with all life



Authentic communication

Choice over one's body

Monica is a gifted healer. Our sessions are some of the few times where I feel myself able to relax, stop my mind from going at break-neck speed and focus only on my body sensations.
— Geoff J.


Certified Sexological Bodyworker - Institute for the Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality, San Francisco, CA

Professional member of Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers 

Certified Hatha + Laya Yoga Instructor - Living in the Self, Lakefield, ON

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training- Brendon Abram + Living in the Self, Lakefield, ON

Crisis Counsellor Training - Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape, Toronto, ON

Certified Goals Success Life Coach and Happiness Life Coach - Joeel and Natalie Rivera, Ignite Life Transformational Coaching


Certified Nutritional Practitioner - Institute of Holistic Nutrition, Toronto, ON

Certification in Understanding Laboratory Diagnostics in Clinical Practice - Institute of Holistic Nutrition, Toronto, ON

Level 1 Reiki - Lynne Jenkins, Toronto, ON

Level 2 Reiki - King Gabriel Quincy Colleymore, Toronto, ON

Master Level Reiki - Lisa Powers, Toronto, ON

Certified Chi Kung Massage Practitioner - Viktoria Kalenteris, Toronto, ON and Kai Karrel, Los Angeles, CA

Bachelor of Music - Queen’s University, Kingston, ON